About Us


Hexdesk is an online company serving worldwide digital solution situated in Apt-417, 117 Stroud Bay, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. We created Hexdesk to be different from the other online companies. Unlike the big companies that overdesign and overcharge, we make high-quality designs that have made by real guys for real guys. Our long-standing relationships with customers ensure that we will bring the best of the market to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to giving you our best to grow your business to next level.

Hexdesk was founded in 2015. Since our launch, we have provided digital solution worldwide. Our highly specialized team members are ready to provide you what you exactly in want. Our community of customers continue to grow as we pursue our original mission: to simplify the digital solution industry into a manageable and enjoyable experience.